I have worked with almost every digital property at CBC Kids. From creating content for the CBC Kids website, to working with contributors and as an editor for the recently shuttered CBC Parents website, to helping in the early development of CBC Kids News and eventually overseeing the CBC Kids YouTube channel.

I’m still overseeing that YouTube channel, but now my focus is on all the CBC Kids social accounts as a digital producer for the newly formed Discoverability, Outreach and Engagement team. My area of expertise is Reels and more recently Shorts, and I pitch, produce and edit almost every one of them that hits our platforms.

In my time with CBC Kids, I have also had the opportunity to direct shoots for digital video with people and puppets both in-studio and online over Unity, and have even won a Canadian Screen Award for Best Live Production, Social Media for our Facebook Live event: CBC Kids Kindie Class of 2020.

My latest development project had me shadowing and assisting Swin Chang on the production of Bestest Day Ever with My Best Friend — meeting producers, visiting set, reviewing and providing notes on scripts, casting, rough/fine cuts, animations/graphics, opening theme and seeing the production through to completion in summer 2023.

Oh and I forgot — sometimes the team I’m working with include Gary the Unicorn and Mr. Orlando the security moose.


  • Working with the Senior Producer to develop and execute a strategy for our third-party offerings
  • Main producer for Reels and Shorts, which are a mix of in-house broadcast content and custom ones that have been pitched, shot, directed, edited and packaged
  • Scheduling, pitching and creating content/copy for all CBC Kids social platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • When the pandemic hit, produced and directed daily Facebook Lives called Hang Time, the top video had over 26K views
  • Produced, co-wrote, created content and co-led our three big-production Facebook Lives: Kindie Grad 2020Halloween Spooktacular and Kinde Grad 2021.


In my work with Reels, I have created them from top to bottom — like this one featuring Mittens & Pants in the CBC Kids studio from May 2023:

I have sourced and gathered pre-existing material to make something new — like this one for Mother’s Day from May 2023:

And I have recut segments from our broadcast team to make them work for vertical — like this for CBC Kids Reads in March 2023:


  • Managing and implementing a daily schedule for full episode rollouts of preschool shows and in-house segments, as well as three weekly Shorts
  • Handling the Shorts offering — scheduling, rollout, creation, packaging
  • Managing the Analytics backend — creating Groups, pulling stats for weekly updates
  • Managing show rights and packaging of content with help from CBC Gem team
  • Coordinating with YouTube to promote content based on Monthly Moments and Takeovers


Shorts are fairly new for YouTube and even newer for CBC Kids. We started experimenting with them in late 2022, and started a scheduled rollout in February 2023 committing to three per week. Since then we have seen some encouraging numbers, and even had one amass almost 1.5 million views.


  • Managed a large list of parent contributors by sourcing pitches, editing copy, packaging and promoting to CBC.ca and on our social platforms
  • Created a partnership with ByBlacks.ca to help diversify our pool of contributors
  • Shot, produced and directed 17 snack and craft videos in two days for publishing on the site, YouTube and social
  • Worked with Fit & Eats to produce workout videos, which I edited and packaged, to share on the site and on social, like How To Add Weight To Your Workout Without Buying Weights



  • For a time, we had weekly vlogs from the Studio K hosts which I led, produced, directed, oversaw editing or edited myself and published to YouTube and the CBC Kids site
  • I produced over 50 original videos with everything from makeovers, to challenges, to behind-the-scenes and so much more
  • Our top video was a compilation of our funniest moments with over 13K views, but a personal favourite is our song about the now-retired CBC Mailbots, which I wrote, produced, directed and oversaw editing and song recording for

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